Hello everyone!

I’m DrAwkto, the sole writer for this blog. There have been a few guests that come and talk about things they like; however, most of the posts will be done by me. I’m pretty busy with life, which is why the blog doesn’t update as much, but I hope you enjoy your time visiting my blog!

As you can tell from my banner, I’m an awkward octopus lover. Hence, my username/penname. Actually, most of my usernames will be related to awkward octopus in some way. I should note that I am not affiliated with Wong Fu Productions in any way, I just really like their awkward octopus. So very cute. Have you clicked on the link? Isn’t the octopus adorable?

I have a broad range of interests such as reading, writing, playing games, and streaming music online. The majority of the content on my blog will be related to books or reading in some way. You will find mostly book reviews on here, in the forms of a voice recording/podcast. Very rarely will I put up my writing, so please don’t expect any form of writing on here.

I have been starting to do podcasts about my daily life or whatever interests me at the moment. Those are put out randomly. If you wanted to get to know me more as a person, you could listen to those media clips.

I do have a Goodreads account, if you’re looking for me on there, the name is Ilinalta, as in Lake Ilinalta from Skyrim. My Goodreads account is the only non-awkto related name out there.

Social Media:




Edit (9/12/15): I no longer dj or stream my music. My premium for mixlr ended and I’m too lazy to renew it.

Edit(9/12/15): Added stuff about doing podcasts now.


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