Hey guys!

It’s time for a move. After a hard consideration, I decided it was time. For a long time now, I wasn’t really happy with the url dorkiverse. It doesn’t relate much to me, and it’s a bit odd in my opinion, so I’ve decided to create a new blog whose url matches more to my personality, or  matches the theme I’m trying to achieve. Hence, Inky Awkto. Well to be more specific, The Inky Awkto. I like this url a lot more because it’s more fitted to me, since I am DrAwkto. Inky comes off with two meanings stuff related to writing as well as ink that octopuses bloop out.

Also The Inky Awkto sounds like a tavern name to me, which is pretty cool. So the theme of my new blog would be the readers, which is you guys, being customers at my tavern. It’s a bit odd to grasp but vasically the jist is that I’m heading over to a new place. I’ll be blogging about similar things I have here; book reviews, book related topics, some personal rambles, as well as some beauty routine stuff here and there. Oh and lots of fangirling over games I’ve been playing. The goal of the blog is to be pretty informal and more personal.

Dorkiverse was created with a group of my friends that eventually all left, so blogging what I want here, just doesn’t feel right. Anyways, I had a really great time writing for Dorkiverse.

Maybe I’ll see you at The Inky Awkto.

See ya!

— DrAwkto, signing off





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