PC gaming with controllers

My gaming life has changed. I just got my ps4 controller yesterday and spent about four hours breaking it in. Seriously certain games has gotten tons better because of the use of the controllers. Games such as Bastion. Yes that was the game I was using to break my controller in. It’s so much better with a controller. I mean it was great before with the keyboard and mouse, but still. Ekk <3 I love how sleek and sexy the controller is. It fits so well in my hands. Plus it’s awesome to have the ability to lean back away from the monitor and desk just to game.

I’ve also gotten my first ps vita game. And yes it’s an otome game, but it’s not just any otome game. It’s code realize! ekk <3 The funny thing is I don’t own a vita. I’m borrowing the system from someone else. Such a kind soul because I’m a slow gamer. It takes me months to finish off a game because I’m so busy. Anyways, I started playing it today on the train and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling like a goofball. Haha. Oh well, it’s good to smile randomly right? :D Anyways, the art style, plot, premise, writing, and characters has blown me away. It’s definitely more than what I was expecting. Amnesia has got nothing on Code:Realize. :P I can’t wait to play more. I seriously wanna dedicate an entire weekend just cramming it all in.


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