October 2015 Final Updates

I managed to finish Darkest Part of the Forest and created a review on goodreads. It was a pretty alright novel. I’m soo glad it’s a standalone, I have no time to read a series. In fact, I don’t really finish series. I tend to finish them once I got the time to dedicate to it. On another note, I’m a few books behind on my Goodreads book reading challenge. Gah! School, why you gotta take up so much of my time! The pains of student life. The next book I’m planning to read and finish before we start the Traitor’s Blade is A Monster Calls. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it read in time. I figured it would be a good creepy story to read since Halloween is coming up.

I currently have Madly and Dark Shimmer waiting for me on holds at the library. It takes a while for libraries to get copies. I’m not in a rush to get them since I have other books to read. Not to mention, I started Dangan Ronpa 2 a couple days ago, so I’m determined to finish that this year. I have such a bad habit of taking years to finish games. ><

That’s all for my updates.


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