Friend: All I have in my fridge is random junk and goblin piss
Me: What? Goblin piss?
Friend: Apple juice.
Me: Oh. Oh that makes sense. Thanks for that lovely image. I am scarred. Although, I should calling it that sometimes. 
Friend: LOL you were the one that first called apple juice goblin piss. It was back during high school.
Me: Haha, that definitely sounds like me. Also sounds like I was high off of something. 
Friend: You did seem very energetic. So very likely.

A conversation I had with a friend of mine. Apparently I say some scarring things and completely forget about it. Yay for bad memory.

Can’t look at apple juice the same way anymore though. Who wants to drink goblin piss anyways? However, it could work well for a dnd campaign hehe.



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