My Current Favourite Bookmark


I love how he looks in my books.

I love how he looks in my books.

Recently, my friend got really interested in making pixel art thingys. He loves making them and he doesn’t wanna do it for money, which means he won’t take my money when I make my requests. GRR this guy. Anyways, I actually have no idea what they are actually called. I just called them pixel guys. So I asked him to make me a Cactuar ’cause he’s one of my favourite guys in the final fantasy realm. When I first got him, I loved it! However, I had no idea what to use him for, I didn’t just wanna pin him up on my wall and have it as eye candy. It suddenly dawned on me that I could use him as a bookmark since he was pretty tiny. Look how great it looks! Gah, I want another one. Haha

I asked for  moogle. Hehe. I’m in no rush to get it, but, at this rate, I might just get my own pack of dots and make my own pixel guys too. Hehe.


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